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Data Labeling Service – 3 Step Process


  • To train a machine learning model to identify a specified category of objects from the collection of data, we would need to collect representation data samples which have to be classified and analysed along with a Machine Learning algorithm for handling each sample.
  • The key aspect to make Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning models work is to have a properly organized and precisely labeled data.
  • DLS is used to generate accurate and high-quality labels using AI and ML models based on data collection.

Data Annotation – Different Types

The 4 different types of annotation are,

  • Text Labeling
  • Image Labeling
  • Audio Labeling
  • Video Labeling

Data Annotation – Market Trends

Data Annotation Tools Market size is set to surpass USD 7 billion by 2027, according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.

Data Annotation – 3 Step Process

Process Flow:

  • As an initial step, Machine Learning engineers shall start annotating items in the dataset according to the instructions provided.
  • On completion of labeling, the dataset can be exported and used in further machine learning development.
  • The labeling services shall replace the manual annotation process with automation via a user-friendly interface that eases the annotation and parameter defining process.

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