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DevOps & Tech Modernization

DevOps – one of the key pillars of tech modernization which involves a cultural transformation with a blend of agility and stability. DevOps leverages people, processes, and technology to foster collaboration and innovation across the entire application development life cycle.

DevOps enables automation of various recurring activities in development and operations management and ensures minimal human intervention. It involves collaboration via continuous integration and continuous deployment. Either with microservice-based architecture or with monolithic applications with a service layer, the need to manage heterogeneous applications is an increasing reality for many organizations. DevOps helps to manage the challenges by automating code management, integration, release management, testing, and deployment in a seamless fashion.

OptiSol offers DevOps services as part of its tech modernization services with a specific focus on AWS. We have expertise in an array of tools and frameworks for enabling automation via DevOps. Our certified experts can collaborate with the development and operations team to ensure agility in development without any compromise on the quality or stability of the application.

Our Services

Cultural transition with agility in application development and stability in operations. We offer DevOps services with expertise in the right set of tools and frameworks


Versioning & Source control

Track Code changes in parallel with Development, merging, and rollback process using tools such as GitHub and BitBucket

Continuous Integration

Integrate developed codes instantly and periodically with Jenkins, Visual Studio, Teamcity, and Maven

Automation Testing

Perform testing processes such as unit, integration, and regression with Selenium


Move the Containerized application in a related specific environment with Docker

Configuration Management

Define the target deployment environment with AWS, Puppet, and Apache

Application Performance

Test and diagnose the performance of a developed applications using New Relic

Our Offerings

Our certified cloud enablers and DevOps consultants can assist in the transition via release orchestration, deployment automation, test automation, effective code configuration management, and traceability of application delivery

AWS Cloud Services

AWS offers a suite of DevOps tools that we can pick and tailor to meet organization workflows. AWS DevOps tools help us to plan and collaborate for higher velocity


AWS CloudFormation

Create and release cloud instances and services more frequently with tools like EC2 instances, ECS containers, and S3 storage buckets

AWS CloudWatch

Track every resource and ease usage of third-party tools for monitoring


Leverage the AWS Security and management features using containers and handling deployments

AWS CodePipeline

Simplify the way of managing CI/CD, visually control app flow, production and integrate with tools like GitHub and Code Deploy
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