AI-powered job description & resume ranking platform

Process flow: the visual story

Problem Statement

Time Consuming: Sifting through a large number of resumes is a time-consuming process and can consume a lot of resources and effort.

Inaccuracy: The manual process of matching resumes with job descriptions can be prone to human error and may result in an incorrect match.

Bias: The manual process of matching resumes can lead to unconscious biases, which can result in the exclusion of qualified candidates

Tedious Work: The manual process of matching resumes with job descriptions can be repetitive and boring, leading to burnout and decreased efficiency among recruiters.

Lack of Scalability: As the number of resumes increases, the manual process becomes more challenging and less scalable, making it difficult to keep up with the demand.

Solution Overview

Automated matching of resumes with job descriptions results in many benefits and significantly reduces the time spent reviewing resumes.

OptiSol has developed an AI-based Resume Ranker solution to aid talent acquisition in selecting the right candidates.

The solution handles unstructured data in resumes by building a pipeline to extract text.

The extracted text is input into the Universal Sentence Encoder, creating sentence embedding for both the resume and job description.

The similarity between the two documents is determined using cosine similarity.

Business impact

Time Savings: Automated matching of resumes and job descriptions can save a lot of time and effort that would otherwise be spent on manually reviewing resumes.

Increased Accuracy: An AI based solution can help eliminate human error and provide a more accurate match between resumes and job descriptions, leading to better hiring decisions.

Increased Efficiency: The resume ranker solution can process a large number of resumes in a short amount of time, leading to a more efficient and streamlined recruitment process.

Improved Candidate Experience: With a more efficient and accurate matching process, candidates can receive quicker feedback on their applications, improving the overall candidate experience.

Better Resource Allocation: By freeing up time and resources, the use of an AI based resume ranker solution can allow talent acquisition teams to focus on other important tasks, such as candidate engagement and relationship building.

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