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Problem statement

Data Complexity: The e-manifest data files were large and contained micro-level details, making it challenging for the internal team to extract meaningful insights and make effective decisions.

Lack of Real-time Access: The static nature of the published data files hindered real-time access, preventing the client from staying up-to-date with the latest information and responding promptly to emerging trends or issues.

Time-consuming Processes: Manual downloading, extracting, and uploading of e-manifest files to internal teams for analysis were time-consuming and error-prone, slowing down the data processing workflow and delaying actionable insights.

Limited Data Visibility: The existing data presentation lacked cohesion and visual representation, making it difficult for the marketing team to gain a clear understanding of the data, hindering effective interpretation and identifying patterns or trends.

Insufficient Data Analysis: The marketing team faced challenges in aggregating and analyzing the e-manifest data across multiple dimensions, limiting their ability to derive comprehensive insights and uncover meaningful correlations within the data.

Solution overview

OptiSol worked with a leading environmental service provider to develop a PowerBI platform that transformed complex e-Manifest data into visually engaging displays, providing a clear understanding of information.

Our streamlined pipeline automated the upload and extraction of e-Manifest files, optimizing data processing workflows.

By designing cubes for multidimensional data aggregation, we enabled in-depth analysis and insights for informed decision-making.

Through PowerBI training, we empowered the client's team to create reports and leverage data-driven insights for improved decision-making.

Our solution improved data handling efficiency by automating processes and establishing an organized archive for easy access and reference.

Business impact

Data Transformation: OptiSol's PowerBI platform transforms complex e-Manifest data into visually engaging displays for informed decision-making.

Automated Data Processing: Our streamlined pipeline automates e-Manifest file upload and extraction, optimizing data workflows for efficiency.

In-depth Analysis: Through multidimensional data aggregation using cubes, we provide actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Empowering Insights: PowerBI training empowers the client's team to create reports and leverage data-driven insights for business growth.

Efficient Data Management: Our solution automates processes and establishes an organized archive for easy access, improving data handling efficiency.

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