Discover top social media influencers with ML scoring for brand success

Process flow: the visual story

Problem Statement

Identification: With the increasing number of social media influencers, it can be challenging to identify the right influencers who align with the business's brand image and target audience.

Authenticity: Businesses may struggle to determine the authenticity and credibility of an influencer, and whether they will be a suitable brand representative.

Relevance: It can be challenging to assess whether an influencer's followers and content are relevant to the business's target audience.

Measuring Impact: Businesses may find it difficult to measure the impact of an influencer marketing campaign, and whether it is effectively reaching and engaging their target audience.

Cost: Hiring an influencer can be costly, and businesses may need to allocate significant resources to evaluate multiple influencers and run a successful marketing campaign.

Solution Overview

OptiSol created an automated pipeline that continuously aggregates, scores, and ranks the tweets of social media influencers, aimed at helping businesses discover outstanding brand ambassadors for their products.

As initial step, the tweets are pre-processed, re-tweets are contextualized ready to be ranked.

A data aggregation pipeline is then built to extract the tweets from social media influencers who have agreed to be scored by the Social IQ platform.

Using Universal Sentence Encoder (USE), a semantic indexing model is developed to categorize the tweets into 13 dimensions of social intelligence.

The pre-processed tweets are then ranked based on their scores and displayed on a robust dashboard.

Business impact

Efficient and Scalable: Can process and rank large volumes of data in real-time, reducing the time and effort required to manually evaluate and rank influencers.

Objective Evaluation: Removes subjective biases and human error, providing a more objective and accurate evaluation of an influencer's social intelligence.

Increased Relevance: Can assess an influencer's relevance to a business's target audience and brand image, increasing the chances of a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Better Performance Metrics: Can provide detailed and reliable performance metrics, allowing businesses to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of their influencer marketing campaigns.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness: Can reduce the cost of evaluating and selecting influencers, allowing businesses to allocate more resources towards other aspects of their marketing strategy.

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