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Gen AI Solution Architecture

Problem statement

Time-Consuming Process: Manually verifying government documents was a slow and laborious task, that caused delays in decision-making and processing.

Difficulty with Volume: When the volume of government documents was more, manual verification became more challenging and less efficient.

Risk of Missing Key Information: Critical clauses, obligations, and requirements may be overlooked during manual verification, posing compliance risks for the contractors.

Limited Scalability: The current process lacks scalability, making it difficult for the client to handle a larger number of government documents and expand their operations.

Increased Error Potential: Human errors in the manual verification process can lead to inaccuracies, potentially resulting in compliance issues and contractual disputes.

Solution overview

We have worked with a leading startup in implementing a GPT based solution that parses documents, extracts content section by section, and organizes it based on clause numbers and other attributes.

Rulesets are created by identifying essential domain-specific keywords from sample documents.

Cosine similarity is used to match potential words to the ruleset, expanding the keyword list.

The system then extracts relevant paragraphs, sections, and sub-sections containing the identified keywords.

An API is built for easy access and continuous improvement of the model based on testing results.

Business impact

Faster Contract Review: The GPT-based solution speeds up the contract review process, enabling quicker responses to opportunities.

Better Compliance and Risk Management: AI-driven key clause extraction ensures critical obligations are identified, reducing compliance risks and legal disputes.

Efficient Operations: The automated analysis allows the startup to handle more contracts efficiently, leading to cost savings and improved operations.

Informed Decision-Making: GPT provides valuable insights, empowering better strategic planning and decision-making.

Cost Savings and Resource Optimization: By automating certain tasks through GPT, the startup can reduce operational costs and optimize resource allocation.

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