Get actionable customer insights with AI behavior analysis

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Problem Statement

Lack of customer data: Retail owners may not have access to enough customer data to make informed decisions about customer behavior.

Difficulty in measuring customer behavior: Retail owners may struggle to measure customer behavior in a meaningful way that accurately reflects their shopping patterns.

Personalization challenges: Retail owners must personalize their offerings and experiences for each customer, which can be difficult given the sheer number of customers they serve.

Understanding changing customer preferences: Retail owners must keep up with changing customer preferences and evolve their offerings accordingly.

Balancing in-store and online experiences: Retail owners must balance the needs of customers who shop in-store and online, which can be a complex challenge.

Solution overview

OptiSol developed a subscription-based web application that can recognize a visitor's face, age, gender, and mood in retail stores.

The customer aimed to improve the in-store closure rate by reading customers' moods, leading to increased revenue.

The implementation of ML based solution on live-streamed video took 3 months and provided valuable insights to store staff.

With appropriate training, store staff could approach shoppers with tailored narratives based on age and mood, resulting in a 59% increase in the closure rate.

The store owner used insights from the application to gauge customers' sentiment and make incremental changes to the store.

Business impact

Improved customer engagement: By understanding the age, gender, and mood of customers, store staff can tailor their approach and engage with customers in a more personalized and effective way.

Increased sales: By approaching customers with tailored narratives based on their mood and age, store staff can increase the in-store closure rate and drive sales.

Better customer experience: Understanding customer mood and tailoring experiences can lead to a better overall customer experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved decision making: Store owners can use insights generated by the ML solution to make informed decisions about store operations and customer engagement.

Increased efficiency: The ML solution can automate the process of identifying customer mood, freeing up staff time and resources to focus on other tasks.

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