Automate and Digitize Invoice

Business Need

The client wanted to build an intelligent system that would digitize their invoicing process and submit e-invoice and supporting delivery notes to its customers. They wanted to automate seal detection in delivery notes to improve the productivity of the team. With digitized invoice and supporting delivery notes in the system, they wanted to minimize invoice disputes and improve or adhere to the stipulated cash flow cycles.

Business Challenges

  • Dispatching invoices on an average takes 2 weeks to a customer
  • Maintaining physical copy of delivery notes signed by customer was tedious and vulnerable for destruction
  • Manual verification of seal and signature of customer was laborious and error prone
  • Cash flow was way off from the agreed contract terms due to invoice dispute and lack of supporting documents

Proposed Approach

  • Process automation module to detect company seals in delivery notes and generate exceptions report for operations team
  • Implemented a secure, highly available, browser based system using Mongo Express Angular Node (MEAN) stack
  • Well defined access controls to enable various features to customer, finance, and operations teams of NFPC
  • Digitized invoices and delivery notes repository to deliver e-invoice to customer
  • Digitized customer service process for disputes related to invoices with ability to see the history of interactions related to a dispute
  • Office 365 based authentication
  • Integration to JD Edwards to generate invoices

Business Impact

  • Digitization enabled easy access to data & reduced carbon footprint
  • Invoice generation reduced from an average of 2 weeks to 1 day
  • Improved the productivity of team by more than 40% by automating the manual seal verification process
  • Customer complaints related to invoice disputes reduced by 50%

Tech Stack

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