ML based network traffic prediction solution

Business challenges

Bandwidth Constraints: Companies may face limited bandwidth that cannot handle the high volume of traffic leading to slowdowns or outages.

Latency Issues: Increased latency can cause delays in data transmission and result in poor performance and user experience.

Network Congestion: Overcrowded networks can lead to decreased network performance and slowdowns in services.

Security Concerns: Network traffic can also be a potential target for cyber attacks, putting sensitive data and systems at risk.

Scalability Challenges: As a business grows and its network traffic increases, companies may struggle to keep up with demand and manage the growth of their network.

Managing and Monitoring Network Traffic: Monitoring and managing network traffic effectively can be a significant challenge for businesses.

Solution overview

OptiSol developed an AI/ML model to determine the network utilization accurately, helping the client solve their network traffic issues.

The solution enabled the client to determine the high data transfer of their services, enabling them to manage their services based on each user's data usage.

The solution allowed the client to predict the network data transfer of their services, improving the overall performance of their services.

The prediction-based solution helped the client in providing a smooth service to their end customers, eliminating network issues and improving their overall customer experience.

Business impact

Improved network performance: By using a ML-based solution, our client was able to predict network traffic patterns and optimize their network accordingly, leading to improved network performance and reduced downtime.

Better Resource Allocation: The solution helped the client in getting insights into network resource utilization, helping them allocate resources more effectively and improving overall efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance: The solution also provides options to predict network failures before they occur, allowing companies to take proactive measures and minimize downtime.

Enhanced Security: The solution provides insights into potential security threats and help companies take proactive measures to secure their network.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: By providing a more reliable and efficient network, our client will be able to improve customer satisfaction and retain their customers for a longer period.

What our Clients say

Application screenshots


OptiSol helped the client in solving the network traffic issue by developing an AI/ML model that determines the network utilization accurately. Through this solution, the client was able to determine high data transfer of the service (determine high traffic duration) and able to manage the services based on the data usage of each user. They were also able to predict the network data transfer of a service provided by the host. The prediction-based solution helped the client in providing a smooth service to their end customers without any network issues.

Application screenshots