ML based pet health monitoring system

Business case

Providing Adequate Food and Water: Making sure pets have enough food and water to sustain them throughout the day.

Ensuring Exercise and Attention: Making certain pets receive enough physical activity and mental stimulation, even in the absence of their owners.

Maintaining Safety and Well-being: Ensuring pets are safe and well-cared for when alone.

Preventing Destructive Behaviors: Minimizing the likelihood of pets engaging in destructive actions such as chewing or scratching furniture.

Dealing with Unexpected Events: Being prepared to handle unexpected occurrences, such as illness or injury, while pets are unattended.

Arranging Pet Care: Finding suitable arrangements for pet care during periods of extended absence or frequent travel.

Solution overview

The client approached us with the goal of providing the best care for pets and ensuring their well-being.

We used ML and IoT technology to monitor pet cats' food and water intake behaviors and alert owners in case of abnormalities.

We designed and built the IoT boards to fit the software and connected them to the cloud to constantly monitor the cats' activity.

General information was displayed to the client's staff on iPads and accessible through Alexa.

Anomalies were reported for further decision-making by management.

Business impact

Improved pet health: By monitoring key indicators of pet health, such as water intake and food consumption, businesses can identify potential health issues early and take proactive measures to address them.

Increased customer satisfaction: By providing owners with valuable insights into their pets' health and well-being, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced decision-making: With real-time data on pet health and behavior, businesses can make more informed decisions about pet care products and services.

Competitive advantage: By leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide innovative pet care solutions, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and gain a competitive advantage.

Increased revenue: By offering new and improved pet care services, businesses can tap into new revenue streams and expand their customer base.

Improved operational efficiency:By automating pet health monitoring and tracking, businesses can improve operational efficiency and reduce the costs associated with manual processes.

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