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Gen AI solution architecture

Problem statement

Manual Data Extraction: The client faced difficulties in manually extracting company details from PDFs provided by Governmental Institutional Bodies, resulting in inefficiencies and resource constraints.

Non-Roman Text Encodings: Handling non-Roman text like Arabic and Pashto characters posed a major challenge, requiring specialized encodings for accurate extraction and representation.

Confusion of Characters: The complexities of non-Roman characters within the PDFs often caused confusion during data extraction, resulting in inaccuracies and errors in the extracted information.

Improper Outputs: The current extraction methods produced inaccurate outputs with non-Roman text, making it hard for the client to trust the data for critical decision-making.

Lack of Scalability: The client struggled to scale the data extraction process manually for a large number of PDFs using traditional methods, hindering their ability to meet the increasing demand for data processing.

Solution Overview

OptiSol partnered with a prominent fintech provider to implement automated data extraction solution using Generative AI space.

The solution efficiently identifies and extracts company names, addresses, important dates, and related details from semi-structured Arabic PDFs.

Preprocessing removes watermarks to improve extraction accuracy.

OCR technology is used to extract text from PDFs, ensuring proper handling of Roman and Arabic characters.

The solution intelligently tags headings, paragraphs, and indexed list items, extracting required fields with keywords and converting them into multi-paged spreadsheets.

Business impact

Faster Data Processing: Overcoming non-Roman text issues and converting PDFs into tabulated data improves data processing speed.

Accurate Information: Increased accuracy over manual processing ensures reliable data for better decision-making.

Enhanced Data Accuracy: The solution's ability to handle Roman and Arabic characters accurately ensures reliable data extraction, minimizing errors and enhancing the quality of extracted information.

Increased Productivity: The automated data extraction process allows the client's team to focus on higher-value tasks, leading to improved productivity and resource optimization.

Competitive Edge: Streamlined data extraction gives the client a competitive advantage in making faster and more informed decisions than competitors relying on manual methods.

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