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One of the world’s largest independently owned courier companies worked together with OptiSol in building an enterprise solution in mobility platform to smoothen their delivery/pick up process. The process provides shipping solutions backed up by smart tech for e-commerce retailers who desire to achieve cross-border growth and require a flexible, creative, quality-driven provider.

Our Solution

The solution allows the riders to get journey plans for the day that includes deliveries and pickups along with dynamic routing for best-optimized routes for pickup/delivery location. Through the application, the user will be able to receive new adhoc pickup notifications. The application is also integrated with current app for delivery un sheets.

Business Value


Assigned Tasks

Can view the list of assigned pickup or delivery task along with details such as address and customer name.

Pickups and Delivery Listing

Can view the task history of the day along with the option to view task details, POD details, and its status.

Day's Report

Riders can view their daily task report along with view the total number of tasks, total pickups, and total deliveries.

Status Update

Riders can update their task by marking the specified task as completed, so they can move to the next task.

Location and Routing

Map views of customer locations with precise time and distance to destination along with dynamic Voice guided routing for best optimized route

Proof of Delivery

On completion of the task the rider, they can upload Proof of Delivery (PoD) and Digital Signature from the customer.

Tech Stack




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