Pedestrian Avoidance System


Ezetech Australia services large fleets of forklifts across the country. They approached Optisol for a PAS (Pedestrian Avoidance System) to protect the staff and operators of the forklifts from harm. Their traditional collision avoidance systems create high numbers of nuisance alerts, which leads to drivers ignoring alerts, which dilutes the value of the system. Optisol designed a solution that uses Deep Learning to identify humans and calculates their risk in proximity of forklifts. We use AI/ML to minimize false alarms by evaluating multiple danger factors around the vehicles through various AI/ML algorithms.

Our Optisol designers also added enterprise features and management capabilities to the solution, notifying managers of incidents that would have gone unreported.

OptiSol’s Approach

The PAS devices on the forklifts are connected to the Cloud through IoT Core, which helps manage each device and facilitates data exchange with each device. The whole PAS solution comprises of various AWS services that receive and processes data from the device and provides data and instructions to each device.
The device sends telemetry, state and event data to AWS where the data is scrutinised and decisions are made. Data is also used for reporting and analytics for managers that operate forklifts through the enterprise portal. Managers are prompted with events that are regarded as significant. Images relating to significant events are available for download.

Goal Achieved

Each vehicle has an IoT device and camera(s) installed. This IoT device communicates to AWS IoT Core using MQTT messages. The AWS architecture performs various tasks such as management of each IoT device, upload of images and videos as well as telemetry data. Each device contains accelerometers, temperature, humidity and many other sensors. This data is fed to the Cloud where AI/ML algorithms derive insights. For example we can determine if an event has taken place that managers might think of as significant. If so, we send the appropriate manager a message. We can also estimate the maintenance requirements of each vehicle based on the time in use and how hard the vehicle is being used. Managers are able to access detailed reports that combine all information, including images. For example, managers are able to download accident or incident information (including images) that can be used in investigations by safety officers or authorities.

Architecture Diagram

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