Social Networking App

Social Networking tool for creators of all kind

Hybrid mobile app for versatile artists to earn money, fame and social status through online community


Using social media as catalysts, artists are majorly depending on online platforms to showcase their talents. To make it more reliable, our client partnered with OptiSol in making an interesting mobile app with versatile features. This digital solution is the first platform that brings together Social Networking, Standardized Monetization Tools, and a Creative Camera to make cool content in an all-in-one solution.

Key Features


Create Stories with effects and filters


Add Music from SoundCloud library


Explore content based on interests


Connect with Real Friends & Creators


Subscribe to Creators for exclusive content


Gift and Tip “Lits” to Creators


Cash-in real-time from “Lits” earned

Goal Achieved

With this mobile app, users are empowered with a superior in-app camera technology featuring an intuitive UI that can be used to create stories with self-edited images and videos. It allows users to award a digital currency called “Lits” to support Creators, Artists, and to receive more social popularity and attention for overall engagement and contributions. It is also the only social network completely dedicated to making creator monetization fun while creating visibility, and status for users that contribute within the community

Tech Stack

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