Talent acquisition automation

Business impact

Resume formatting is one of the tedious steps in the recruitment process as it takes enough man time in fitting resumes into templates.

Automating the resume formatting based on the client's requirement can save time and enhance the productivity of the recruiter.

We worked with a firm that provides recruitment-ready resume formatting solutions.

Their traditional process involved tremendous manpower, as well it consumed comparatively more time to fit and format those resumes.

To overcome such difficulties this solution replaces the current classical solution by automating the entire process from resume loading to dynamic template fitting.

Solution overview

The entire process of employee recruitment is automated

Sending interview results and candidate feedbacks through WhatsApp using Twilio

IKM test scores are scraped and shared in SharePoint.

Technical skills are extracted using text analytics and mailed to the specific tech team

Business impact

Increased Revenue: Candidate portals can attract a large pool of job seekers and employers, leading to increased revenue through job listing fees, advertising, and other monetization options.

Improved User Experience: Candidate portals provide a more user-friendly and efficient experience for job seekers and employers, which can result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Competitive Advantage: Candidate portals can differentiate a job board or employment website company from competitors, providing a unique value proposition and setting them apart in the market.

Data-Driven Insights: Candidate portals can provide valuable data and insights into the recruitment process, which can be used to optimize and improve the service offering, as well as inform business strategy and decision-making.

Expanded Service Offerings: Candidate portals can serve as a platform for offering additional services and solutions, such as resume building tools, interview preparation resources, and upskilling courses, further increasing revenue and differentiation.

Improved Recruitment Outcomes: By streamlining the recruitment process and providing access to a larger pool of job seekers, candidate portals can improve the outcomes for employers and help them find the right talent for their open positions.

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