Transforming construction proposals with generative AI

Gen AI Solution Architecture

Problem statement

Unstructured Proposal Documents: Managing a large number of unstructured PDF proposals posed challenges in efficiently storing, searching, and extracting relevant information.

Complex Proposal Formats: Handling diverse proposal formats including text, tables, images, and graphics required consistent and effective processing methods.

Lengthy Proposals: Dealing with proposals spanning hundreds of pages hindered productivity and made it time-consuming to extract content for new proposals.

Inefficient Document Retrieval: Difficulty in quickly and accurately retrieving specific information from numerous proposals slowed down the proposal creation process and affected overall efficiency.

Content Repetition: Manual repetition of similar content in each proposal resulted in redundant efforts, increased error possibilities, and limited focus on higher-value tasks.

Solution overview

We have worked with a Leading Construction service provider in developing a GPT based Proposal creation model that combines the capabilities of Adobe Extract API, image captioning, elastic search & and GPT-3 models.

We seamlessly integrated the Adobe Extract API into the system to fetch text, images, tables, and graphics from each PDF proposal, ensuring accurate extraction of relevant content elements.

Improved image searchability through the implementation of image captioning models, enabling proposal managers to efficiently retrieve and utilize visual content.

Elastic search implementation streamlined document management, enabling quick retrieval of relevant information from proposals.

Our custom trained GPT-3 text generation model enabled real-time generation of construction-related content, significantly expediting the proposal writing process with tailored content suggestions for proposal managers.

Business impact

Efficient Document Search: The solution enables easy searching through a vast corpus of unstructured documents, saving time and effort for proposal managers.

Accelerated Proposal Writing: With the ability to generate tailored content in real time, the solution significantly increases the rate of overall proposal creation process, improving efficiency and enabling faster response times.

Enhanced Creativity and Quality: By providing creative prompts from generative models, the solution inspires proposal managers with new ideas, promotes creativity, and enhances the overall quality of the proposals generated.

Improved Proposal Consistency: The automated proposal generation process ensures consistency in content across various proposals leading to a professional and cohesive representation of the company's capabilities, enhancing brand image and credibility.

Competitive Advantage: The solution equips the client with a competitive edge, positioning them as a responsive and innovative company in the construction industry, enhancing their chances of winning contracts and securing new business opportunities.

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