Transforming order fulfillment with multilingual LLM model

Gen AI solution architecture

Problem statement

Manual & Time-Consuming Order Management: The client faced the arduous task of manually processing and managing orders and inventory through phone conversations, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors.

Language Barrier and Translation Challenges: Dealing with multilingual conversations created a language barrier, making accurate translation essential for effective communication and order processing.

Lack of Real-Time Visibility: Without an automated system in place, the client lacked real-time visibility into order status and inventory levels, hindering decision-making and responsiveness to changing demands.

Integration Challenges with ERP & Digital Platform: The absence of seamless integration with the existing ERP system and digital platform resulted in data silos and disjointed processes, causing delays and inaccuracies.

Dependency on Call Transcriptions: Relying on manual transcriptions of phone conversations introduced the risk of errors, misinterpretations, and data inconsistencies, leading to potential order fulfillment issues.

Solution Overview

OptiSol partnered with a leading paint manufacturer to automate their order & inventory management system, which previously relied on phone conversations between retailers and distributors.

Using OpenAI's Whisper, we effectively converted spoken Hindi conversations into accurate Hindi text, and then translated it into English with exceptional precision.

Our expertise in training and fine-tuning OpenAI's generative models enabled effective extraction of critical order-related details from noisy call transcripts.

The extracted details included product names, types, quantities, delivery dates, and quoted prices, providing valuable insights for streamlined order and inventory management.

Leveraging the extracted data in Json format, we seamlessly integrated it into the client's ERP system, ensuring a smooth and automated order and inventory management process.

Business impact

Overcoming Low Digital Platform Adoption: The solution effectively tackled the challenge of low digital platform adoption, enabling the client to transition smoothly while continuing existing operations.

Improved Efficiency through Automation: By automating the tasks of telephone operators and manual transcribers, the client achieved enhanced efficiency in their order and inventory management processes.

Nationwide Adoption in Multiple Languages: The solution's implementation in multiple Indian languages facilitated widespread usage across the country, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity.

Enhanced Efficiency: The automated order and inventory management system streamlines the process, reducing manual efforts and increasing overall efficiency.

Improved Accuracy: By converting spoken conversations into accurate text and extracting critical details, the solution minimizes errors and improves data accuracy.

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