Utilty Pole Maintenance Automation

Client Overview

This Denver based compnay is a leader in introducing automation to utility pole periodic maintenance in the United States. This platform LOW-CODE-NO-CODE is meant automate the entire Machine Learning pipeline to data annotation, model training, model validation and deployment within one simple easy to use web-based portal.


Utility inspection is an expensive and labor-intensive process. A human maintenance engineer physically visits or reviews videos/images of the utility pole to take measurements and perform audits.

Proposed Approach

The advances in Vision Intelligence enabled us to build a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Machine Learning platform to upload utility pole images, tag components installed in the pole, and train Segmentation algorithms. These algorithms will assist the inspection team to automate most of the inspection and take measurements and compile audit reports.

Business Value

Automating Utility Pole inspection using Vision Intelligence is a key differentiator for IkeGPS amongst their competitors.
This automation has offered tremendous value, cost-saving, and ROI for the client compared to the manual inspection, which had been the industry standard.
The inspection data can be uploaded, tagged and Image segmentation models can be trained by non-technical team members easily in the web-based portal.
Trained models can be deployed in on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

Tech Stack

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