Data & AI

With a passion for driving optimal decision making and
humanising interactions with Data and AI, we deliver solutions
that create social and economic value.

Empowering your operations to make AI assisted optimal

Decisions that deliver results – Profitability, Customer Service and Sustainability

What problem are we solving for?

Poor operational decisions costs businesses over 3% of profits - due to our
inability to analyse large volumes of data in real-time

Data silos

New events triggered constantly

8-10 operating systems

Excel, docs, emails

External sources

Supply chain disruptions

Customer expectations

Sustainability pressures

Imagine having an army of Analysts, without the costs

How are we solving it?

We embed an AI-driven decision-making ecosystem in your business - like having an army of analysts working on your business 24/7

Aggregating data in real time

Identifying issues

Predicting outcomes

Assessing risk

Recommending optimal actions

But, to realise the value of AI, you need data
Generally, 85% of data projects fail...

  • Data resides in too many places
  • Complex data models with limited business contaxt
  • Poor data quality
  • Significant upfront and ongoing capital investment

We solve your data problems, efficiently, to implement AI.

Accelerate success: Our formula
delivers solutions 3x faster

Business SME knowledge

Human centred design

Modern data engineering

aija Data and AI platform

AI driven decision making

Business SME knowledge

Human centred design

Modern data engineering

aija Data and AI platform

AI driven decision making

Solutions delivered in weeks, not years


1-2 weeks

Proof of value

4-6 weeks


2-3 months

Ongoing Evolution &

Ready to make AI assisted optimal operational decisions?

Book an AI Bootcamp

In the session we'll:

  • Identify use-cases relevant to your business
  • Quantify indicative business value realisable
  • Walk through our methodology, technology and overall approach

Our technical capabilities


  • Data strategy & governance
  • Architecture
  • Data migration, cloud
  • Migration & modernisation
  • Data quality management
  • Insights, analytics & repoting


  • AI strategy & governance
  • Machine learning for predictions,
  • optimisation, recommendations
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing
  • Work now automation


  • Human centered design
  • Digital transformation
  • Product development roadmap
  • Project governance
  • Delivery & Program management
  • Research & Insights