Assessing customer sentiment using Artificial Intelligence

Business challenges

Inaccurate sentiment analysis: Difficulty in accurately interpreting customer emotions and sentiments from call data.

Time-consuming manual processes: Reliance on manual processes for sentiment analysis, leading to long processing times.

Limited call data analysis: Inability to analyze a large volume of call data to gain deeper insights into customer experience.

Lack of real-time analysis: Inability to process and analyze call data in real-time, leading to delayed service and response.

Poor customer engagement: Inadequate understanding of customer experience leading to poor engagement and suboptimal services.

High operational costs: High operational costs associated with manual processes and limited data analysis capabilities.

Solution approach

AI helps call centers and customer support firms overcome the challenge of assessing customer sentiment.

We have developed a model that can understand the mood of the customer and provide appropriate services for the customers.

This AI model uses a Speech-to-Text model and analyzes a huge volume of calls and segregates call feedback based on the analyses.

The initial step involves converting call audio to text format (Speech to Text) and pre-processing of audio text data.

Feature selection is then performed for selecting the most important features from call.

A classification model is built to predict whether the customer in the call is further serviceable or not.

Business impact

Accurate sentiment analysis: The AI-based solution provides accurate analysis of customer emotions and sentiments, leading to better understanding of customer experience.

Efficient operations: Automated processing of call data reduces manual effort and time required for sentiment analysis, improving operational efficiency.

Increased call data analysis: The ability to analyze a large volume of call data provides deeper insights into customer experience.

Enhanced customer engagement: Improved understanding of customer experience leads to better engagement and optimized services.

Reduced operational costs: Automated processing reduces operational costs associated with manual processes and limited data analysis capabilities.

Competitive advantage: The use of advanced AI technology provides a competitive edge and differentiates the company from others in the market.

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