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Problem statement

Tedious Manual Extraction: Extracting information from lengthy documents, especially in PDF format, required significant manual effort, leading to time-consuming and error-prone processes.

Predefined Responses: Conventional chatbots rely on preprogrammed responses, leading to a lack of flexibility and adaptability when faced with new or unforeseen questions.

Answer Relevance: Existing systems often provided answers that lacked relevance to the specific context of the input document, causing confusion and inefficiency.

Complex Querying: Querying the document effectively required advanced language understanding, making it difficult for users without technical expertise.

Narrow Knowledge Base: Chatbots typically have a limited knowledge base, making them unable to access a wide range of information or comprehend specific domain-specific queries.

Solution overview

The GPT architecture powers our intelligent system that extracts information from documents, including PDFs and images through Scanflow's text capture.

By introducing context and memory with LangChain, the system can efficiently handle large documents, ensuring accurate comprehension.

Splitting documents into parts generates embeddings that capture the meaning of words and context, improving document analysis.

The system utilizes embeddings and user queries to provide answers that are contextually relevant and accurate.

Users can effortlessly upload documents and images for analysis, making the system user-friendly and versatile.

Business impact

Faster Information Retrieval: The solution speeds up the process of extracting relevant information from documents, reducing response time for users.

Enhanced Accuracy: Users receive more accurate and contextually relevant answers, leading to increased confidence in the system's capabilities.

Improved Productivity: The system's ability to parse large documents and handle images efficiently saves time and effort in manual data extraction.

Versatile Document Handling: Seamless processing of PDFs and images expands the system's usability and accommodates diverse document formats.

Cost Savings: By automating the extraction of information from documents, the solution reduces the need for manual labor, resulting in cost savings for the business.

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